5 Major Trends in the Edtech Space

How is Edtech evolving, and what significant change can it offer in 2022 and beyond? Over the last few years, education has been rapidly changing, and Edtech has had a dramatic increase. Edtech has proven itself by being both beneficial in a learning aspect and cost-effective. Edtech is projected to grow further, but what are the significant trends in Edtech right now? 

  1. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality – Virtual and Augmented Reality helps students become more engaged in what they learn. Studies show that students learn more when they see the material than reading it. Large companies look Google and Nearpod have already started creating Edtech through Virtual and Augmented Reality. 
  2. Gamification – Gamification is when educators create and implement features in games into education. Gamification makes the student more engaged in the learning material and helps the student retain the material learned. Gamification helps make learning enjoyable, and kids look forwards to learning. 
  3. Big Data – Curriculum planning, IT operations, and student accomplishment are all aided by data analytics technologies. School leaders can make informed judgments on where to focus their efforts and improve the educational process if they stay up to date on all of the advantages, difficulties, and possibilities opened by data analytics.
  4. Artificial Intelligence – Artificial Intelligence can be used in Edtech by helping students learn without a teacher. Artificial Intelligence in Edtech can also help students stay on task when a teacher is there. Artificial Intelligence can also gather data about the student to make learning as beneficial and efficient as possible. 
  5. eLearning – eLearning refers to learning through electronic devices such as tablets, smartphones, laptops, and computers. Currently, eLearning is the most popular among the trends listed above. eLearning is beneficial in multiple ways: it can help students stay on track, keep assignments organized, make contacting students and teachers easier, and save money. 

Overall, Edtech is rising, and people expect to see more of it shortly. 

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