5 Ways Technology Education Can Improve School Districts

“If you aren’t improving, you’re falling behind.” – New York Times best-selling author Darren Hardy wrote numerous books on Entrepreneurship. With the rapidly changing world and many countries catching up and surpassing the United State’s quality of education, how can the education system be improved? Many experts seek optimism in technology to improve our current education system. An increase in technology can help students in numerous ways, but how?


  1. Information is Easily Accessible – Today, we can learn almost anything using the Internet. Whether it is math tutorials, lessons from philosophers 2000 years ago, or even a programming language, anything is accessible. The Internet can give students a quick and easy way to answer their questions and build curiosity. 
  2. Technology Makes Learning Fun – With websites like Kahoot, Quizlet, and Gimkit, students can view learning as something to look forward to and fun instead of boring and a drag. When students have fun, they are more engaged with the material being taught. 
  3. More Organized Learning – Websites like PowerSchool and Parent Portal can help students access and view their grades anytime. Websites like Google Classroom and AP Classroom allow teachers to post notes and assign lessons for students to complete. With more technology, students can complete their assignments online and view them anytime. 
  4. Increase Collaboration – Assigning projects or collaborative assignments is significantly easier with technology. Projects, such as research projects, presentations, or video creation, are made easier using technology because students can access and work on the task anytime. Students can communicate via social media or video calling applications such as Zoom and Google Meets. 
  5. Save Money – While using websites like Google Classroom, there is no longer a need for paper assignments or taking notes on paper. Online learning allows students and teachers to save money by reducing the amount of paper and ink used to create classwork, tests, notes, and homework.


With the capability of technology, education systems hold a promising future. There are many ways technology improves our education systems today, and we can expect many more to come.

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