6 Ways Technology Can Improve Classrooms Performance.

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Technology is now playing a pivotal role in the educational system and it’s never going to stop. The educational environments may be slow to integrate technology into the classroom, it is now the center of our lives and classrooms are no exception.

The aftermath of the pandemic has seen an astronomical adaptation of technology in the educational sector. Before the pandemic textbooks were the main source of learning. Technology has improved the classroom immensely in a short time. It has opened more opportunities to create a more engaged environment, improve collaboration, students preferred, gamification, and long distance learning.

What Are The Ways Technology Can Improve Classroom Performance?


Technology harnesses productivity among students in a classroom. Easy accessibility to tools creates faster learning and the ability to comprehend and  be more flexible as they learn. With access to the information and tools they need, precious time, space and mental effort are saved.


The use of video games in classrooms has seen many students showcase the other side of being creative and problem solving skills. Educational video games can improve social emotional intelligence and this is as a result of technology making this a reality.

  • These game helps students understand core subjects like Math and Science.
  • Better context-based learning.
  • Encourages engagement in class.


A study from Educause found that college people preferred learning with technology. This is because they already have a lot of knowledge about technology which in turns creates a big impact on their learning ability.

Better Engagement  

Technology has can enable students stay more focused. Makes the students become more excited to learn as they play with different gadgets that can make them write, spell, read and do mathematical computation. As technology become more relevant, students tend to improve and are able to stand out.


You can collaborate more easily with technology. For example, the use of an application like zoom has made it easy for individuals to collaborate as a group to address a common issue, thereby improving learning and accomplishing different tasks assigned to the group. 

  • People aren’t that scared to talk because it is not face to face.
  • Technology makes class more interactive.

Future Focus

Students will need strong technology skills to be successful in whatever job or career they may go into after school. Simply having a mindset that embraces the process of learning and using new technology can make a difference in a student’s future.


In conclusion, while many schools still use analog tools, such as books, notebooks, whiteboards and posters in instructional design. Some school districts have taken the responsibility to implement technology as a way of improving their school systems and their wards through the help of external funding from partners, donations from community members and grant funding. Technology will continue to bolster the educational system and it is important in this present day and in the future to integrate the much needed technology for better performance academically.


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