Digital Game Learning: The Game Changer for K12 Children

Teachers and parents have a misconception that video games can corrupt a child’s brain and harm their development, but this is far from the truth. There are considerable benefits that digital game learning can provide for children.

  • Digital Game Learning will increase children’s motivation to learn. When a child is having fun while learning, they retain more information, and they will spend more time learning. Not only that, but they would also spend more time studying and look forward to learning. Studies prove that children were more attentive while using digital game learning. “Games make learning a necessity to have fun. So there’s no better motivation for kids to learn than to teach the concept with a game.” – Kara Carrero, author of multiple books relating to parenting. Perfectly said by Kara Carrero, learning through games should be incorporated into every child’s life.
  • Children will become more knowledgeable about technology. In the current age of technology, everyone should be comfortable with using technology, but most importantly, children should know and understand how to use the internet and a computer. Technology is rapidly growing, and by the time children grow into adults, it will immensely influence their lives and careers.

Overall, game-based learning has seen many positive results in the classroom and will grow in the future.

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