How can students catch up on education?

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Due to the pandemic some students are behind in their education. Some can be a couple months behind and others up to years. These setbacks are very common in children with disabilities or low income students. For example, low income students were affected because they couldn’t afford internet and a computer. There are many ways that you can help students catch up.


For example, tutoring research has said that daily tutoring is a great method to help students learn.

  • It increases learning rates for low performing students.

  • Tutoring daily helps achieve big achievements.

  • Best results are when tutoring is during the school day.


In addition, after school programs can also help students catch up.

  • Plus it gives teachers more time to cover a subject.

  • It also helps students be in school instead of missing school.


Furthermore, retention is also another reason that can help students catch up.

  • Retention is a whole year of catching up so it gives you more time to learn.


In addition, remedial classes also help students catch up with learning.


  • It gives the correct level of instruction for struggling students.

  • This form is an online recovery class while taking the current course.


In conclusion, during this pandemic many students were affected dramatically when it came to learning. There are now many methods that can help students catch up with their education.


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