How video games can improve your child’s learning and development?

Usually, what comes to parents’ minds when they think of video games is violence. They think that every video game will corrode their kids mind. In addition, they think that their kids will have nightmares, and become more violent. What they don’t see is that video games can also help children learn and develop? For example, video games encourage critical thinking, creativity,  promote social skills, motor skills, inspire learning, and much more.

1.  For example, some video games help inspire kids to learn. This is because video games are entertaining and kids don’t get bored.

  • Plus video games are interactive; which intrigued many children.
  • Some video games such as Age of Mythology, Age of Civilization, and Age of Empires are embedded with history knowledge and culture.
  • That being said, children will pick up a vast majority of knowledge of geography, cultures and complex language.

2.   In addition, video games also help promote social skills. Usually, when young boys play video games it is with a group of friends.

  • They get to chat, and know more about the other person.
  • By being interactive with other people you learn new words you never heard before. Engaging in multiple conversations can also help you focus and gain listening skills.

3.  Furthermore, video games help encourage creativity. Some video games such as Minecraft allow you to build what is on your mind.

  • Some people build mansions and others build animals.
  • There really isn’t a limit on what you can build on Minecraft.
  • Which is amazing because it helps enhance children’s  creativity. 

4. In addition, video games encourage critical thinking because some video games like Mario are level based. At times to pass a level you will be challenged with obstacles. In those obstacles children need to find a solution to the problem that is preventing them from going to the next stage.

In conclusion, even though at times video games have a bad reputation, you have to remember that it also encourages learning. It helps promote social skills for children; when they play video games with friends. It helps expand creativity thanks to games such as Minecraft. Children get to learn complex things while interacting, due to videogames.  


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