Introducing REST​

REST is a game-based educational tool that stands for Real Entrepreneurship Simulation Training. 

Are you ready for a powerful mindset shift to propel you towards your entrepreneurship goals?

Get ready to play, explore and engage with other players from around the world. Get the foundational business skills that will make you thrive in the business world.

About Us

We at Obtech Enterprise are passionate about transforming the lives of many innovative young students. We see the need for them to be creative thinkers and problem-solvers in order to make an impact in society. We have a team of dedicated stakeholders poised to ensure that every student is well informed and prepared for the workplace.

Materials Covered in REST

Business Development

The game teaches future entrepreneurs to create and start their own profitable businesses. All types of businesses are supported. 

Digital Marketing

The game teaches business owners and marketing teams to successfully promote and advertise their business.

Business Management

The game teaches business owners how to coordinate and organize their employees, the production of materials, and money.


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