Social Emotional Learning: It’s importance and why it is needed in school curriculum

Social Emotional Learning: It's importance and why it is needed in school curriculum

Social Emotional Learning is important because it helps students learn more about themselves, teaches them life skills, develop a positive image, take responsibility and help with relationships. All these skills are very essential in life because you need to understand yourself first to than help others.

For example, they get to learn more about themselves. Learning about ourselves is fundamental because we need to know our weaknesses and how we can become better.

  • They get to discover the pros and cons of their personality.
  • What they can do to help with their weaknesses
  • Try to manage their personality.

In addition, it teaches them life skills .Life skills are important because it teaches us to be honorable and independent. 

  • It teaches important skills such as responsibility. 
  • Being taught responsibility at a young age helps  with children keeping promises.
  • They will also be taught to be more independent.

Furthermore, they get to develop a positive image about themselves. Which is important because you have to look at the good things you have and not be pressured to change.

  • Positive image helps us become more confident in ourselves.
  • They boost physical and mental health.
  • You are more satisfied with yourself.

In addition, it also helps with relationships. Relationships are important because you need to be connected with others.

  • relationships are important because you need them at jobs.
  • It also helps you connect with people.
  • Makes you communicate better,

In conclusion, social emotional learning is fundamental because it teaches you valuable things. It teaches you responsibility, teaches life skills, you develop a positive image and helps with relationships. 

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