Meet Our Expert Teams

At our company, we have the best of the best on our engineering teams to ensure that we deliver exceptional results every time. Our bilingual software engineers are highly experienced and have worked on the most innovative and challenging projects in the market, utilizing the latest technologies available. This is what sets us apart from the competition.

Top 1% of Tech Talent

After going through a strict selection process, our teams are composed of only the most talented and skilled experts from around the world, with expertise and knowledge in the latest technologies to drive project success.

100% Bilingual Engineers

All of our software engineers have an extremely high English proficiency, which enables them to establish and maintain clear communication practices to effectively meet our clients´ needs.

Time Zone Aligned

Our teams are distributed so that they are always in the same time zone as our clients. This facilitates real-time project management and efficient feedback cycles for faster delivery rates.

Our Expert Team Member

Ravi Hassan-Martinez

Cloud Architect

Kevin Clark

Data Scientist

Wilfred Obi, Jr.


Casey Carmical

Frontend Developer

Jordan Alvarez

Backend developer

Jaci Lund

Content Writer

Marc Fischer

Ui/Ux Designer

Casey Carmical

Devops Engineer

Benefits of Working with Obtech Enterprise

Technical Expertise

We know how to hire the best talent. Every year, we receive an influx of over 1 million applications from various regions. We refine this vast pool through the utilization of our innovative AI team-building algorithm, complemented by our exceptional recruiting team’s expertise.We have a robust pipeline across a wide spectrum of technologies, like Java, Python, and PHP, and we are always keeping an eye on market trends. Finally, all our candidates go through extensive testing until they are ready to be matched with the senior software engineers, who will undoubtedly add value with the qualified approach and know-how for optimal project delivery.

Unmatched Experience

We are pragmatic and process-oriented. Our engineers have an average of +8 years of experience working on complex projects to provide you with the expertise and results you require. From startups to middle-market businesses and more than 10% of Fortune 350 companies, our teams have worked with companies of all sizes and complexities delivering unparalleled results across all industries and driving their digital transformation to the next level. Our teams know how to execute projects quickly and efficiently.

Specialized Profiles

From Tech Leads to QA engineers and Project Managers, our teams are composed of experts in all fields. We can provide all the necessary roles to make your project a reality. We have the technical know-how to quickly identify a winning roadmap for your project, managing the best talent to add value every step of the way.


For a company that runs on talent, diversity is essential. We are guided by the belief that talents does not discriminate That means being committed to helping every individual develop their full potential and succeed regardless of their gender, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, or economic background.

Smart Working

Our teams know how to work smart. We have vast experience working with a unique distributed team structure. This allows us to source the top talents worldwide to remotely collaborate together in real-time to deliver powerful technology solutions every time.