The future of technology

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With the advancements of technology there are a lot of question.What will be the future of technology?What would it look like?At points due to the rapid pace technology is moving it could be potentially dangerous or risky.As of right now industrial robots,artificial intelligence and machine learning are moving rapidly.There are downsides of technology moving rapidly.

  1. Is that due to the advancements of technology it will mean fewer jobs.

  • Yes, it will increase the workforce productivity.

  • The downside is that robots lack empathy and other social cues. That will mean if a robot is a server they won’t be that interactive.

  • Large number of workers will be replaced by robots. 


  1. Security Issues

  • With 5G energy being the trend there has been a couple of issues with security.The internet has been exposing important information of the users.

  • In addition, even social media platforms have been dealing with passwords being stolen.


  1. Identity Theft

  • It will become much easier to steal someone’s identity with better technology advancements.

  1. You can lock yourself easily due to issues with technology.

  • There have been many iphone users being locked from their phones for hours because their iphone can’t recognize their face.

  • Even the finger scanner at times doesn’t really detect the fingerprint.


In conclusion, the future of technology can be a scary thing.With a lot of complications that could be horrible to us.Millions of jobs will be lost due to the advancements of technology and there will also be security issues.



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